Is one year sufficient for GATE preparation?


GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is conducted every year for the candidates aspiring to take admission in the top IITs of India. Candidates cracking through the exam are eligible to get admission in the course of M.E or M.Tech in any of the renowned IITs of the country. 

Applying for GATE

To apply for the GATE examination, the candidates need to have a qualifying degree of B.E or B.Tech. Candidates in the final year of the degree can be also considered if there are no backouts as of such. 

There is no such age limit considered for the candidates who wish to sit for this exam. 

Candidates who have successfully attained the cut off marks are only eligible to go for the next level and that is the interview round based on which they can get placed in different IITs of the country.

How tough is the GATE exam?

The toughness of cracking the GATE exam depends upon person to person and how they have been preparing for the exam. No doubt, it is a difficult test as each year lakhs of candidates apply for the exam for just a few seats that are available in the IIT colleges. Also, there are a number of times when the candidates may not get admission in the desired college due to the lack of marks obtained in the exam. 

But this does not mean that the exam cannot be cracked. Also, there are many candidates who have prepared for the exam within a year and have appeared for it and have cracked it to get admission in the IIT College that they have desired for. 

Preparation tips for GATE 

Here are some of the preparation tips that can surely help the candidates in getting through the GATE by preparing within a year. 

  • Check through the syllabus for GATE rigorously so that the best reference books and modules can be bought. One of the best ways is to get registered or admitted to a good coaching center where professional preparation for the exam can be offered. 


  • The syllabus for GATE is vast and comprises of a huge list of subjects such as Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Mining Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Life Sciences, Geology, Food Technology, and many more. Hence, it is important to prepare a proper time table so that all the subjects and topics can be provided equal time and the preparation can get completed within the expected time. Devoting about 10-12 hours a day on fair studying based on the set routine can always help in getting the preparation done in the right way. 


  • It is important to explore the weak sections so that extra time can be devoted to these topics and subjects so that proper preparations can be done. 


  • Apart from completing the syllabus, it is also important to regularly practice the mock test papers and last year’s question paper. This will allow the candidate in getting familiar with the question paper and the candidates will get the practice of completing the question paper within the set time. 


  • Candidates should make sure that the syllabus is completed much before the exam, such as a week or 10 days. At this particular time, the candidates should relax and should get all the leftover doubts cleared to gain confidence. Even spending 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening on test papers is a great idea. The rest time should be used in relaxing the mind. 

Cracking GATE is difficult. But it can be cracked with a year’s preparation if proper strategies and planning are involved. 

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How to Prepare for the GATE Exam 2020: Tips & Strategy

How to Prepare for the GATE Exam 2020: Tips & Strategy to crack GATE Exam

Every year around 9 lac students apply for the GATE exam to enhance their career in further research work or post-graduation. However, every Exam has a proper pattern to follow, and there are techniques to score well in this difficult to crack Exam. Candidates that are entirely motivated towards their preparation can only crack them. It is because they follow a specific strategy to keep themselves prepared for it. However, the preparation ways are different for everyone, but the techniques to start and end are the same throughout. For GATE targeting students, we here bring a formulated strategy.

Focus on the pattern

In the three hours exam, there are a total of 65 questions. This Exam is conducted online, with a total of 100 marks. The attended mode of the Exam is online. You will have to answer both objective and subject answers. For your reference, you may find information on the Gate Website. It will help you in assuring yourself of the types of questions and patterns of the Exam. 

Get informed with a weightage of essential topics.

The syllabus of the gate exam depends upon your field of study. Thus you must go through the exam pattern related to your choice and check which one is the most important to have high weightage in scoring. Also, you can even check for assistance in subjects. Go through sample papers or previous year question patterns for this.

Gather material for studying

It’s always better to refer to only one or a maximum of two books for preparing a competitive exam. But make sure the books you are choosing must be high class. Many students also prefer online courses to help or refer to video lectures. It adds a high-quality study.

Prepare according to the daily target.

To prepare for the GATE exam, you must spend four to eight months on it. It depends upon the time you can spend in one day. As the date of the exam is approaching, you must practice daily with the weekend practice for previous year question papers and sample papers. It will be beneficial for you if you can prepare with the maximum daily targets.

How to prepare in the last minutes of preparation time?

The last minutes are not to cover new topics but to revise the old captured concepts in the memory. Attempting new topics may ruin your prior learning. Admit cards will be out at that time. Take a print of that and visit your exam center. If the exam center is in your city, then it’s well and good but to avoid the latency in your reach to another city, you must visit the exam center one day before. It helps to avoid hassle to reach.

Time management 

Each second to prepare for an exam is very crucial. To cover the whole syllabus, students must make a timetable that will help them study every topic.

Preparing through Mock Tests

Mock tests are significant that even let you know how to manage Exam attempting time. Solve at least one mock test in three hours and then go through your performance for once. 

Points to Ponder

It’s not that easy, but it becomes accessible to prepare for the GATE exam with a formulated strategy. Make sure your study material, time management, preparation techniques, etc. all the concepts are clear before you start.

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