Quiz: Electrical Engineering 21 Nov 2020

Quiz: Electrical Engineering
Topic: Miscellaneous

Each question carries 1 mark.
Negative marking: 1/4 mark
Time: 10 Minute

1.Nortan’s Theorem application in the circuit will results in __________
a) A voltage source alone
b) A current source alone
c) A current source with impedance in parallel
d) A voltage Source with current source in parallel

2. Potential terminals can be said to have a __________
a) high current capacity
b) low current capacity
c) low Voltage capacity
d) high voltage capacity

3. In a long transmission line with R, L, G & C are the resistance inductance shunt conductance and capacitance per unit length, respectively. The condition for distortion less transmission is
a) RC=LG
b) RC=√(L/C)
c) G=√(C/L)
d) RG=LC

4. In a control system, the response is critically damped if:
a) Damping factor is 0
b) Damping factor is < 1
c) Damping factor is > 1
d) Damping factor is 1

5. In order to obtain improved steady state and transient response, the following compensator may be used
a) Lead- Lag compensator
b) Lag compensator
c) Lead- Lead compensator
d) Lag- Lag compensator

6.Choose the incorrect statement amongst the given statements
a) Magnetic Flux usually flows through a minimum reluctance path
b) Field winding produces the working flux
c) Working EMF induced by working flux in armature winding
d) Commutator serve as mechanical inverter for DC generator

7. The type of dc generator used to electric arc welding is
a) Differential Compound
b) shunt
c) Series
d) Separately Excited

8. The two type of indoor type current type transformer are
a) Bushing type and clamp on type
b) Wound type and clamp on type
c) Wound type and Bar type
d) Bar type and Bushing type

9.Resistance of pressure coil in a low power factor dynamometer type wattmeter is
a) once time
b) three times
c) hundred times
d) ten times

10.Autotransformer is used in the transmission and distribution systems
a) When galvanic isolation is needed
b) When operator is not available
c) When efficiency of transformer is not critical
d) When transformation ratio for voltage is small


Sol.1 Ans (c)
A current source with impedance in parallel.

Sol.2 Ans (b)
A shunt is normally a very low value of resistance, connected in parallel with the ammeter coil. In a shunt, the potential terminals have a low current carrying capacity. As a result, a low range ammeter is used to measure the large current.

Sol.3 Ans (a)
RC=LG, For distortion less line.

Sol.4 Ans (d)

Response Damping Factor
Undamped 0
Under damped <1
Critical damped 1
Over Damped >1

Sol.5 Ans (a)
By the use of Lead- Lag compensator the desired output results can be obtained with improvement in steady state as well as transient response of the system.

Sol.6 Ans (d)
Commutator serve as mechanical inverter for DC Motor.

Sol.7 Ans (a)
The Differential Compound type of dc generator used to electric arc welding.

Sol.8 Ans (c)
Wound type and Bar type are used as indoor transformer due to low voltage rating.

Sol.9 Ans (d)
In a low power factor dynamometer type wattmeter, pressure coil has a resistance value that is one tenth of the actual with respect to unity power wattmeter. This is done in order to ensure a reasonable amount of torque at low power factors.

Sol.10 Ans (d)
When transformation ratio for voltage is small.


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