Quiz: Electrical Engineering 01 Mar 2021

Quiz: Electrical Engineering
Exam: SSC JE
Topic: Miscellaneous

Each question carries 1 mark.
Negative marking: 1/4 mark
Time: 10 Minute

Q1. In a synchronous motor, if β is the impedance angle and 𝛿 is torque angle, then the maximum developed mechanical power is obtained when
(a) δ=β
(b) δ=180-β
(c) δ=2β
(d) δ=180-2β

Q2. Which among the following statement is true about a 3-phase synchronous motor?
(a) The speed of stator MMF is always less than that of rotor MMF
(b) The speed of stator MMF is always more than that of rotor MMF
(c) The speed of stator MMF is synchronous while that of rotor MMF is zero
(d) Rotor and stator MMF are stationary with respect to each other

Q3. What will be the magnetic susceptibility of material if the magnetic field strength of the material is 1200 A/m and the intensity of magnetization is 0.084 A/m?
(a) 0.5 ×10^(-4)
(b) 0.7 ×10^(-4)
(c) 0.5 ×10^(-5)
(d) 0.5 ×10^(-5)

Q4. State the formula to calculate the energy stored in an inductor L for a current I passing through it.
(a) 1/2 L^2 I^2
(b) 1/2 LI^2
(c) 1/2 L^2 I
(d) LI^2

Q5. In the circuit given below, the value of R required for the transfer of maximum power to the load having a resistance of 3Ω is

(a) Zero
(b) 3 Ω
(c) 6 Ω
(d) infinity

Q6. What is the minimum phase to phase clearance required for 400kV conductors in substation?
(a) 3500 mm
(b) 4200 mm
(c) 5000 mm
(d) 4500 mm

Q7. In substation which of the device is a carrier communication device:
(a) CVT
(b) Earth conductor
(c) Wave trap
(d) Lightning arrestor

Q8. Which of the device is employed in substation to limit the short circuit current in the power system?
(a) Shunt condenser
(b) Reactor
(c) Series capacitor
(d) Shunt capacitor

Q9. Stones are provided in the substation to:
(a) To avoid fire accident by draining oil from transformer if leaks
(b) To avoid growing of weeds and plants
(c) To provide insulation
(d) All the above

Q10. Megger is used to measure which of the following:
(a) medium resistance.
(b) high resistance and insulation resistance.
(c) low resistance.
(d) leakage current.


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